This is Episode 2 of 3 in the God Shaper series

Buildings all around where I sit have collapsed and the streets are littered with abandoned cars and debris from the battle. From the repots I’m getting over my headset we held the city but at a steep price. Cambridge is pretty much leveled, and the North End is gone. No one has any idea how. It wasn’t leveled or destroyed, it just isn’t there. Someone said it just disappeared in a flash of light.

It’s amazing what passes through your mind sometimes. As I sit on my knees feeling the pain of my dislocated right shoulder and broken forearm I remember the last time I felt pain like this. The day I went through the transformation process.

It hurts. They didn’t know that at first, though in hindsight it should have been obvious. The first test subject died from the pain before they figured it out. The second went mad before they were able to get the pain and anesthesia levels right. Even then you feel it and it’s still the worse pain you’ve ever felt in your life. The process causes your bones to re-knit themselves so that they become stronger. Your muscles are restructured as millions of new fibers are created and your skin is reworked so that it’s denser and virtually impenetrable. In essence every cell in your body is transformed. In minutes.

All this passes through my mind in an instant. Even now the memory is still enough to make me catch my breath. Which the titan of a man in front of me apparently took as a sign of pain or weakness because he started laughing. Frankly it’s rather annoying.

I raise my head and look at titan boy. He’s at least 8 feet tall and built like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. I have no way of knowing if was like that before or if the process did this to him. Either way, he’s big. The process is also what gives us our powers. Every person is different so we never know what we will end up with. Some powers are, for lack of a better way of saying it, useless. Having the ability to grow plants well doesn’t really help. Powers can range anywhere from telekinesis to super speed, although not on the level of the Flash, to a super genius. And everything in between. I was gifted with telekinesis. A rather strong form of it too. Where as most have trouble moving anything larger than a mid-sized SUV, I can bring down buildings. I’ve mentioned that the process reengineers every cell and makes us stronger and our skin denser. Anything short of an armor piercing shell will basically bounce off. It hurts like hell, but only for a second. It’s the equivalent of being smacked with a ruler for normals.

With that said, physics is still physics. If I hit him with something big enough, and with enough momentum, it won’t stop him, but might put him down long enough to get away. Instinctively I reach out and grab whats left of the side of a 7 story building behind me. He sees the wall start to shake, places his hands on his hips and starts laughing even louder. Not exactly the response I expected but he’s starting to piss me off so I don’t bother restraining myself and fling it at him with everything I’ve got.

The impact is tremendous, I feel it from where I’m sitting several hundred yards away. It’s enough that a couple unstable structures near us start to collapse and fall into themselves in response. I head the crackling and tinkling of small stones falling back to earth after the impact sent them skyward. I struggle to stand, when a tremor shakes the area and knocks me back on my ass. Trouble is it doesn’t feel like a normal tremor, nor does it come at the right time. There was too much time after the impact for the two to be related.

That’s when I realize the cracking sounds I heard earlier weren’t stones. Now that the dust has settled I see him kneeling on the ground with his left fist on the ground. He has caused the tremor by pounding the earth. And he has a forcefield surrounding him. That’s new.

He grins and picks up the burnt out remains of a car next to him and heaves it at me. Can’t dodge with my arm and shoulder so I push myself up and over using my gift, somersaulting badly over the car. I land wrong causing pain to flair in my shoulder and wrench my ankle. No damage is done but it puts me off balance long enough for him to uproot a light pole and swing at me. I can’t recover in time and the impact throws me across the street. When I land the impact shatters my headset, however my only thoughts are that I’m glad he doesn’t play for the Yankees and that he’s left handed.

He launches himself into the air directly at me. It’s one hell of a leap, but based on the display so far nothing for someone with his strength. As he’s in the air I realize where we are and using my power grab him in mid air and slam him into a concrete building in the center of the street. It’s the building where the Red Line goes back underground so I put everything I have into forcing him as far down as I can and piling debris on top.

It won’t hold him forever but should long enough for me to get away.

I go north, planning to cross over the Charles at the museum heading for the Garden where our HQ is set up. They need to know that the game has changed.

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