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It shouldn’t be such a nice day

We buried my father today. A man considered by many as the brightest mind that ever lived. Others called him the harbinger of doom. Apparently that’s the way it works with men who are super geniuses. If his death had been natural I might not hate the sunshine and cool breezes blowing around me as I stand here on the balcony overlooking the graveyard where his body now lies.

My girlfriend is with me and has been trying to console me all afternoon. Unfortunately this is one of those situations where unless you’ve experienced it, you can’t even begin to understand what it’s like. She kept reminding me that her father was killed when she was 12, and while that is true, her father wasn’t killed by a terrorist organization that was created specifically to destroy his work. She can’t understand that because of his work in genetics and biology, and because of the powers he gave me and others like me, he was targeted from the beginning.

I don’t blame her. I can’t. Of the 10 billion people living on this planet and the moon only 15, the ones dad chose for the Ichabod project, would even begin to have an idea of what it felt like. Of those, only five had a parent in the project. Then of course only I was lucky enough to have the man that started it all, the man that discovered how to give ordinary people what amounted to super powers, as a father.

Right now she is in the other room trying to absorb everything I told her. In this case I can imagine what she is going through. I went through something similar 5 years ago when dad told me all about the Ichabod idea. He told me about how he had worked out how to alter a persons physiology and biochemistry to give them super human abilities.

He had gotten FDA approval to begin testing on humans, and wanted to know if I would be willing to be part of the trials.

That’s when everything went to hell. A group calling themselves ‘The Asgard’ broke into the lab in Boston, stole all the serum and notes and research and blew up the lab. Injuring my dad in the process. They began to experiment on themselves. No one is sure where their scientist came from, or if they even had one, but suddenly they began to acquire abilities that were unstable and dangerous. Well, more dangerous. Especially in their hands.

Dad went into self-imposed exile to recover from his injuries. The worst of which was a shattered spine which left him unable to walk. ‘Very Professor X’ I always said, teasing him about it. At least it made him smile.

When he recovered to the point he could work again he dedicated himself to developing a serum that would counter the original drug, holding himself responsible for all the death and damaged caused by Asgard.

Then a year ago they changed course. Some said that the leadership within Asgard changed, that there had been a coup of some kind and that was why the change of philosophy. Others said it was because they had found out about dad’s little fail safe. That those given the treatment became sterile and could not produce offspring. He had said it was to prevent the powers from getting out of control and evolving into god knew what.

Either way they went from committing crimes like theft and extortion to terrorizing the general population. I’m convinced that they did it intentionally, knowing dad would do something and it would bring him out of exile.

And they were right. He came out of seclusion and, with the help of the government, formed the super-human group he dubbed ‘League’. He kind of named it after the ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’, but also, as a private joke, because the training part of the program would be called ‘The Minors’. He did love his baseball.

Because I was his son I was recruited to join. Training was brutal. Not only did we get training in using our powers but we went through the standard Marine basic training. Only it was accelerated because no one felt we had a lot of time to figure it out.

We held our own the first time we face Asgard. No one died and no one got seriously injured. However in retaliation they attacked and leveled Atlanta. Sherman would have been proud, and probably a little embarrassed. That was six months ago. They are still searching for missing people. They announced a couple weeks ago that they were targeting Boston next since that was where it all began and where League had setup it’s headquarters.

When the announcement hit the news dad jumped on a plane from LA, where he had been working to setup a west coast division, and headed back to Boston. They attacked his plane somewhere over Kansas and brought it down. They pulled my father from the plane, tortured him for fun then finished the job they started back when they first attacked the lab. I’m told he died quickly once they decided to kill him. Small consultation.

Steph came out after a couple hours and is standing next to me. We stay like that, neither of us talking for several minutes until the sirens starting going off, announcing Asgards arrival in Boston, and my signal that it was time to met the rest of the team.

I really wish it wasn’t such a nice day.

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