Over on G+ Bliss Morgan put up a challenge where people had to make a story from the phrase And if by noon I’m blubbering like a baby, I’ll be screaming your name and begging you to save me

This is my take :)

“What the hell is that idiot doing now?”

Michaels chuckled to himself as the Commander walked into the observation deck. “He’s celebrating, or commiserating, or communing… I forget what word he actually used, it started with a ‘c’ however.”

“Okay,” said the Commander as he stopped in front of the floor to ceiling window to watch the floating figure, “did he say why?”

Michaels took a seat in the lounge couch, sinking into the overly soft cushions and feeling decadent as he did so, “He’s explained it to me several times, but to be fair, I don’t understand it. It’s the anniversary of the death of his wife and son.”

The Commander turned to glare at Michaels. “And what exactly does that have to do with him floating away from the station with no tether! He’s going to get himself killed and us sued!”

“On this day every year he makes arrangements so that he is in space, on a station or dock or something like that. Never a ship. Once he did a cruise liner but it was docked so I’m not sure it counts.”

“Once? That crazy Russian has done this before?”

“Every year on this date for the past fifteen years. Ever since the base he was stationed on was attacked and they were all vented into space.” Michaels crossed his legs and smiled. “He puts on a suit and stands in an airlock. At precisely 12:24 in the morning he opens the lock doors and just floats out. He then drifts there for four hours before moving.”

Commander Reynolds leaned back against the thick viewport glass and ran a hand through his hair as he watched several crew members walk across the viewing area.

“I’m going to regret asking, but then what?”

Michaels stood up, regretful to leave behind the comfortable couch and walked over to stand beside the Commander. He put his hand on the glass , “Then he does whatever he can, short of calling for help, to get back to safety.”

“And what if he isn’t able to make it back? We just let him die?”

“He said not to retrieve him unless and until he speaks the safe phrase.”

Commander Reynolds sighed, “And what might that phrase be?”

“And I quote ‘And if by noon I’m blubbering like a baby, I’ll be screaming your name and begging you to save me’. Honestly, I have no idea what it means,” Michaels said throwing up his arms in a defensive posture, “but apparently those were the first words he said when the rescue team found him.”

“And he does this every year? Recreates the event and circumstances of that event.”

Michaels turned around and leaned against the window as well, folding his arms across his chest as he did, “Every single year.”

The Commander stepped away, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Why? What’s the point? What point does it serve to put himself in danger every year?”

“Maybe he’s just reminding himself of how close he came to dying. Or maybe he’s angling for a Section 8. Who knows.”

“Well, at least he comes by that ‘Mad Russian’ nickname honestly.”

Michaels simply nodded and smiled.