Garden War

All is not well in the land of Backyardia. The Scythians have been driven from their home by the Fescunian army but for what reason? And what part do the Fungi have to play in all this? Only time will tell as Captain Rudibeckia tries to discover the truth and learns things that will change the shape of the Garden forever.

God Shaper

Heros aren’t born, they are made. When a genetics researcher stumbles across the key to unlocking super powers within humanity the world is forever changed. And not always for the better. After joining the League to defend against the newly for ‘super villain’ group calling themselves the Asgard Carlson is learning nothing is ever what it seems.


Michael lives in two different worlds, the real world and the one in his head. Question is which is real.

Spirit of Christmas

Meet Harley, Phineas, Captain Remarkable and the rest of the gang in this Chronicles Christmas Special. Harley builds a device to capture Santa so he can get his presents, but things don’t exactly go as planned. As if things abord the Daedalus ever do.

TDA: Case of the Missing Periwinkle

When Periwinkle the cat goes missing the Tribe Detective Agency get called onto the case. They find more than just a missing cat as they team with a long time enemy to bring down a pet-napping ring!