(Normally I will post this on Monday, however due to not feeling well yesterday I’m a day late)

Let me start this off with two bits of information:

  1. I have split seasons.
  2. I truly dispise retcons[1] Especially when it feels contrived and used simply as a plot device.

With that said I wanted to talk about the latest episode of Doctor Who, Let’s Kill Hitler. Without giving too much away, we find out more about River Song and get a fairly empty feeling resolution to the fate of the girl from the first episode of the season. We also learn who River killed that landed her in prison

I actually came away from this episode annoyed. Annoyed because it felt like they came up with this fab idea halfway through the writing process and decided to shoehorn all this in and thought we wouldn’t notice. Thought we would just accept that the new ‘history’ of Rory and Amy was the really real history and the previous history, which had made no previous mention of any of this was not quite right.

Don’t get me wrong, there were some genuinely hilarious moments (Rory putting Hitler in the cupboard for instance). And if you removed the retcon aspect the entire episode could have stood on it’s own quite well.

I guess my non-happy mostly comes from the fact it feels like they wrapped up a bunch of loopholes and questions about a multi-season arc in the span of 20 minutes. Very less than satisfying.

  1. [1]a.k.a. ‘retroactive continuity’, refers to the alteration of previously established facts in a fictional work. Retcons are done for many reasons, including the accommodation of sequels or further derivative works in a series, wherein newer authors or creators want to revise the in-story history to allow a course of events that would not have been possible in the story’s original continuity. Other reasons might be the reintroduction of popular characters (via wikipedia)