The tl;dr version: no android version, not supported (officially) on Linux.

What it boils down to is this, about half of all my writing is done on either my tablet (Android) or my netbook (Linux), neither of which have an official version of this amazing software.

Now, I know I could write and edit in Word or whatever office app in on Android or in a plain text editor and copy pasta things into scriviner but a. it's a pain and b. since I do work on both I end up with files all over the place. The tablet doesn't have a USB port and doesn't always have wi-fi connection. The netbook doesn't always have a network connection and is horribly slow when it does. 

Even assuming I had a connection 100% of the time, the fact that I have to manually move things means I'm going to forget or lose something, or that i'm going to copy the wrong version of whatever into the wrong file.  I've done it. A lot.

Recovery is easy enough but annoying as hell. And that assumes I didn't delete the original file I copied from.

And then, there is the fact that I kind of want to have access to the entire manuscript when writing so I can reference back and remind myself that no, Harley didn't have it SuperPaws t-shirt on so he can't remember wearing it. Or that I did, in fact include the ancient artifact in the scene where they found the hidden room.

On top of that, the collection stuff. Granted, I don't need this when writing, but it is seriously helpful. I will quite often refer to images I've collected for characters in Garden Wars until I'm use to the and comfortable with their look.

If even just the editor portion was supported on Android it might be doable, but because I already have to go through machinations to get stuff in the proper place as it stands, it will actually be a smaller step to just go all the way and use an editor I am comfortable with and like to write, perhaps with Dropbox or some other content management system in place (git?) and use Evernote as my collections and storage system.

This isn't an easy decision by any means, but I need to do whatever makes things easier for me and what works for my process and methods.

It's one reason I pretty much stopped using paper for note taking and have the Galaxy note tablet and phone. I can sync things between them so I can make a note on the phone when I'm in places the tablet would be frowned upon.

It's better for me.

If I do this, I will seriously miss Scrivener. I've had a copy since version 1 I think. I bought my first copy in 2008, and I have used it ever since. That should give you an idea how tough this will be.